New rumors about next Battlefield 4 DLC have appeared in the network

New rumors about next Battlefield 4 DLC have appeared in the network by  2673 views

Today we are going to rejoice those who adore Battlefield series, especially its last released instalment.

If you really like Battlefield 4, you buy all its add-ons and search for any interesting information about its next expansion pack, then now you are at right place because now we are going to tell you some fresh rumors about Dragon’s Teeth DLC. Thus, yesterday the unconfirmed for the current moment information about the possible names of Dragon’s Teeth DLC maps and the assignments’ list appeared in the network. According to one of Twitter’s user - Matti Hietanen, - the upcoming Battlefield 4 add-on will include 4 maps, entitled as Sunken Dragon, Propaganda, Pearl Market and Lumphini Garden. And if the names of the first two maps don’t hint even a bit at the place, where the actions will occur, the titles of the last ones - Pearl Market and Lumphini Garden - give us the possibility to suggest (thanks to Google) that you may find yourself in Beijing (China) and Bangkok (Thailand).

Besides it, the list of the alleged assignments of the upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC has also appeared in the network. According to the users of Smythic forum, the following 10 missions will appear in a new mode of Dragon’s Teeth DLC, entitled Chainlink. They are:

1) Unica 6 will require 5 kills while swimming and some action on a specific point of a map.

2) Bulldog. This mission will be done if you kill 30 enemies from the different subdivisions (support, engineers, recons).

3) MPX - get 2 PDW ribbons and follow 10 squad orders.

4) CS5 - obtain 2 ribbons for your sniper rifle and make 20 spot assists.

5) Ballistic Shield - destroy 2 explosives, get 5 savior kills and get 20 suppression assists.

6) Equipment 1 will require 10 flag attacks and defenses, as well as 25 kills with shotguns.

7) Equipment 2. This assignment will be perfect for those who like using different vehicles and machines.

8) Desert Eagle - make 20 headshots in Unica 6.

9) Assignment 9 - kill 10 foes while you are under suppression and do a certain action in a specific point at a map.

10) Assignment 10 - play 10 hours on the maps of this add-on and kill 100 enemies there.

But that’s not all. Some rewards and dogs tags, which will be presented in the forthcoming Battlefield 4 add-on, have also been published on the site mentioned above. Here are some of them: