New Rome 2: Total War' faction - Carthage

New Rome 2: Total War' faction - Carthage by  8307 views
Yesterday, Sega introduced the main Roman Empire competitors in the struggle for power and domination over the entire Rome 2: Total War region. Its the mighty Carthage! Small country in North Africa that with trade and mercenaries were able to take control of an extensive territory, to make profitable alliances and actively make war with Rome (Hannibal's march across the Alps). Rather, players also can try to capture the Great City!

Each grouping:the Greek-Romans, the Barbarians and representatives of Eastern cultures will have their own proses and cons, although this time it is not limited to occasional appearance of discontented peasants with pitchforks near cities with low reputation.


Representatives from each region will not only fight with each other, but also to have an unstable economic and political situation, which you can use to your advantage.

Expected  Rome 2: Total War release date in October 2013, although this information has not yet officially confirmed.
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