New Resident Evil 6 DLC announced

New Resident Evil 6 DLC announced by  9604 views
Detailed description of the upcoming Resident Evil 6  patch  appeared in the official Capcom blog. We have to go through an Ada Wong campaign and try new modes with enhanced visibility, which was made at the request of the players.

Predator - is designed for a maximum of 7 players, where one of them becomes a beast with improved characteristics. Remaining players must kill the beast or to survive until the end of the fight. It would seem simple, but special maps allow the beast sneaking up and attack, and a labyrinth of streets and buildings are not big enough to get away.

Survivors  mode will allow to create a dream team to win. Its like standard deathmatch with confronting people and zombies, but with a small condition: every man who fell in the struggle revived as a zombie mutant, and a zombie,  who killed two people, revived in the camp of people. Fluctuation scales will continue until one of the parties does not destroy the other

Onslaught is 1 on 1 battle, where each player is fighting with the zombies waves, and each log, a combo series, mutant reborn in waves of attacking your opponent. Skillfully using the capabilities and techniques that will not be difficult for the opponent to send enough zombies that they venture to the endless waves.

The Resident Evil 6 DLC release is scheduled for December 18 for Xbox 360, PS3 and  PC versions will be released later, although, unfortunately not announced.
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