New PS4 trailer describes your perfect day

New PS4 trailer describes your perfect day by  3549 views

Just in a month the new generation of console from Sony will hit the stores in North America, and to celebrate the upcoming release date the company has decided to publish new PS4 trailer, which describes the perfect day of the console gamers.


According to the new PS4 trailer, Sony's marketing managers are sure that the gamers are happy only when they are trying to stab, slash, shoot and destroy each other. In the video two virtual friends are fighting with swords in some action-RPG set in the Middle Ages, trying to outrun one another in the beautiful racing game and struggling in some science fiction shooter. The first game looks like The Elder Scrolls Online, the racing simulator is supposed to be Driveclub and the last shooter is similar to Killzone: Shadow Fall. We would like to remind you that all these games are under development now and will be released for PS4. During this exciting process the video's characters are singing the famous Lou Reed song - Perfect Day - and looking extremely happy.

To see this marvelous madness on your own eyes, we advise you to watch the new PS4 trailer, which appeared on the official Sony's channel yesterday:

How do you like the new PS4 trailer? Has it convinced you to buy this console, or Xbox One and PC are still better? Let us known in the comments below.