New GTA V screenshots will show how to have “fun”

New GTA V screenshots will show how to have “fun” by  14021 views
The other day Rockstar Games has finally broken the information blockade and published new GTA V screenshots. According to the developers the long intervals between game’s info releases related to the fact that they have to be 100% sure about what they are going to show.


In addition, the company's official representatives said that they can not tell when they will be able to reveal some more game’s details. All stuff are now focused on the development and analysis of the project to make it outstanding and awesome as always.


While Rockstar is preparing to show us something new, we would like to recall that the GTA V release date is scheduled for September 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but we know nothing about PC, Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 versions now.