New GTA Online update will be released on the 4th of March

New GTA Online update will be released on the 4th of March by  7795 views

It seems that the developers of the popular Grand Theft Auto game series - Rockstar company - has decided to please us with very good and interesting news about the multiplayer of GTA 5 game. Just yesterday we told you about 10 new user’s GTA Online jobs, selected and approved by the company’s employees, and today we hasten to announce a new game’s update.

Thus, yesterday, on the official project’s site Rockstar published the news about the latest GTA Online update, entitled Business Update, which will be released on March 4. According to the information from the developer, this GTA 5 update will introduce to the game a lot of necessary things for a real businessman. It will bring:

- new vehicles (such cars as Albany Alpha, Grotti Turismo R and Dinka Jester, as well as Vestra plane); 


- two types of weapons (the heavy pistol and the special carbine); 


- a set of business clothes and accessories (new jacket, pants, blouses, shoes with heels, sunglasses and masks, exclusive tattoos and hairstyles).


You should also note that this GTA 5 update will be available not only in the multiplayer, but in the single player mode too, so you can easily get all these bonuses while playing alone or with your friends.

This GTA Online update isn’t the last one, according to the developers, so we suggest you staying with us to keep abreast of the latest news about Grand Theft Auto series.