New GTA Online jobs were approved

New GTA Online jobs were approved by  4795 views

Although GTA Online has a huge open world, the developers always worry that you may be bored playing this game. That's why they constantly present new content and also approve interesting fans' suggestions. Today we would like to describe fresh GTA Online jobs that were officially endorsed by Rockstar.


Let us remind you that in GTA 5 online mode, you can make your own task and share them with friends or the whole community. From time to time the developers approve the best matches or races and appreciate their creators. Yesterday Rockstar published 10 best GTA Online jobs that now are available for all gamers, regardless of the platform they use. Let us show you all these tasks.

Beach Side Race

This great race is available only for motorbikes and ATVs. If you are a fan of such vehicles, then we invite you to drive around the magnificent beach area.

Custom Freeway gymkhana

The next race was made by the experienced GTA Online jobs' creator, and this guy really did his best. Here you will get lots of difficult turns and a hilly road, so we don't recommend this race for the newcomers.

From Weazel To Weazel

During this race you will be able to find and take some weapons or vehicle upgrades that will help you to win the competition. Be sure that you will find the needed stuff first or be ready to fight for it.

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a long race on the Los Santos highways. This race is rather difficult and tricky, and you never know what awaits your vehicle around the next corner.

High Road

If you like not only driving, but also enjoying the beautiful landscapes, then this race will be perfect for you. Its road goes from the center of the city to the high and magnificent hills.

The Pad of Death

This deathmatch is among the most brutal GTA Online jobs. Here you will be able to test different weapons, bombs and explosives at the docks of the city.

Horseback Hell

The main sign of this deathmatch is the special items that are stored near the respawn points. So if you were killed during the battle, you can respawn and get a needed weapon almost in the only one place.

Lodge Battle

This fight is one of the scariest among other GTA Online jobs. Here you will need to go to the abandoned house in the center of the forest, and if you are playing this match alone, it will be really frightfully.


Two teams in this match have completely opposite tasks. The first one defends a small town, and the second one tries to seize it.

Long Haul 2

Long Haul 2 is the longest race among all verified GTA Online jobs. To win here, you need to step on the juice and do not take your foot off the gas.

Let us remind you that two weeks ago Rockstar presented other 10 GTA Online jobs, which can be viewed in our previous article.