New GTA Online jobs, created by players, are presented

New GTA Online jobs, created by players, are presented by  5214 views

If you are a true fan of GTA game series, then you know about all GTA 5 add-ons, which have already been released by Rockstar. And one of them is the content pack called Deathmatch & Race Creators, which allows players to create their own GTA Online jobs and share them with the community of gamers. Besides the creators of the best missions get a chance to win one million of in-game currency and a special license plate for the cars, and their jobs (after the verification by the company’s employees) are available for all gamers, regardless of the game’s version.

We are glad to present the top 10 GTA Online jobs, which will soon appear on all platforms:

1) Twists and Twirls - very sharp and winding road from Galileo Observatory to the Tongva Valley, which, due to the presence of the very sharp turns and rocks, requires your maximum attention and the appropriate car.

2) Stars In Your Eyes - the busiest highway in Los Santos, which will require you to be quick on the draw and have the best sport car.

3) Monaco Grand Prix GTA ed. - the recreation of the famous track in Monaco. Test yourself!

4) Casal Dos Ferros Race does not require you to make different tricks or distractions. This is a simple race against time, where the victory is determined by each millisecond.

5) Classy Construction - the deathmatch between two groups for stopping the construction of another high-rise mansion in the downtown. Use sniper rifles, best cars and all means to win this battle.

6) 4 Way Madness is an incredibly cruel tight track in the city center, in the middle of which there are concrete blocks and gas-bags, so that in many case you will die.

7) Crastenburg Drifting Race is held on parking lots in Los Santos, where the garbage cans and containers are arranged so that the player can perform the most difficult drifting tricks.

8) Laguna Seca Remake is the rebuilded famous Laguna Seca race (California), which due to the very sharp turns (270 degrees) will require you to be very careful.

9) Paradise Ally - the deathmatch that takes place in warehouses of Del Perro pier. The main objective here is to clean the coast from your opponents.

10) Terry's Hangout is a battle for skillfully fenced area around Blaine county, which includes a number of buildings of strategic importance.

Please note that the creators of the last five GTA Online jobs have got their honestly earned in-game currency and license plates for cars, and their missions are about to become available for all.

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