New GTA 5 update has been released

New GTA 5 update has been released by  5440 views

It's time to please the honest players and fans of Grand Theft Auto game series. Recently Rockstar Games company - the developer and the publisher of GTA franchise - has released new GTA 5 update (1.09). It is quite small, but decides, as it seems to us, a very important problem - the massive cheating in the multiplayer of the new Grand Theft Auto instalment. The company’s employees have improved several anti-cheat measures (how to detect and to restrict the dirty game) in GTA Online, the main one among them, of course, is blocking the cheater.

Besides it the fresh GTA 5 update has solved the problem of an unfair getting of the reputation points (RP) and the in-game currency. Therefore, dear friends, if you were cheating before and were sure that you won’t be punished, now we strongly advise you to be careful or even stop cheating at any level.

But in order to somehow cheer you up after this message, we suggest you watching fresh video from VanossGaming user, who has demonstrated several fun and strange bugs of GTA 5. Enjoy and do not forget to leave your comments about all the abovementioned at the bottom of the page!