New GTA 5 character was revealed

New GTA 5 character was revealed by  7550 views

The developers have already introduced us to three main GTA 5 characters - Michael, Trevor and Franklin - and even have shown several secondary heroes. But of course they all are only a little part of this huge game. Today another one mysterious character was discovered.

GTA forum's user has asserted that in GTA 5 we will meet Mariachi. He didn't have any information about this character, but to prove his rightness he posted the screenshot of the Tony Garcia's LinkedIn profile. Tony Garcia is a stand-up comedian, and on the screenshot we can see his portfolio. The actor has mentioned that in 2013 he takes part in GTA 5 development, where he voices certain Mariachi.


Unfortunately, after GTA 5 fans discovered this news, the actor has deleted the information from his page, however, this action only proves the truth. We hope that soon the new details about Mariachi and other GTA 5 characters will appear in the network, and for now we can only guess that the name "Mariachi" sounds like the nick of some Mexican gangster. And what do you think?