New GRID Autosport game has been officially announced

New GRID Autosport game has been officially announced by  2598 views

As you may remember, dear friends, last Friday we shared the news about some new project that Codemasters prepares for the fans of the racing simulators. The company promised to reveal more information this week. And the developers didn’t make us wait for too long! Today the new GRID Autosport game has been officially announced.

In honour of this event Codemasters has published the thrilling debut trailer, which shows to the users the amazing sport cars and the gameplay elements. Let’s watch it together right now:

Besides the trailer, also some fresh screenshots of the upcoming project have been published. You can find them in our Facebook community.

According to the official information, the GRID Autosport game will include five different racing styles: touring, open-wheel, street-racing, endurance and tuner competitions. Each of them will contain various features. In general, the third game of the franchise will consist of more than 100 tracks and 22 locations, situated in the different parts of the world.

Some features of the GRID Autosport game are a result of the joint work between the Codemasters’ team and the fans of this game series. For example, the players wished to take part in the weekly challenges and to create their own clubs. So now they are able to do it in the multiplayer mode.

The project’s lead designer - James Nicholls - has told that mainly all the racing simulators are focused on the details of the cars or tracks, but the GRID Autosport game differs from them. "What we try to create is that feeling of what it’s like to be a racing driver, that gameplay experience. We’re a game first, not a simulator. - He said.”

The release of the upcoming project is planned for June 27th, 2014 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.