New GRID 2 trailer was published

New GRID 2 trailer was published by  9642 views

Codemasters keeps entertaining us with new great GRID 2 trailers. This time the developers showed the gameplay video that demonstrates the race in Dubai with difficult and exciting road.


New GRID 2 trailer doesn't look like the typical commercial video, because it shows the actual gameplay of the future game. Here the racer is taking part in Eliminator event, held in Dubai. To see how your car will be avoiding obstacles, outrunning the opponents and striving for victory already on the 31st of May, watch new gameplay GRID 2 trailer:

Together with new GRID 2 trailer we have another one thing for you. It is an interesting game's screenshot from GamesRadar that shows one of the GRID 2 road. And on this race circuit you are not alone - little nice squirrel crosses the road right in front of you! We hope, that in GRID 2 there will be much more other surprises.