New facts about the Project Titan from Blizzard Entertainment

New facts about the Project Titan from Blizzard Entertainment by  15656 views
A new piece of information about the mysterious Project Titan, which was announced in 2007, appeared in the Network. In 2011 the company began an active search of employees for the new MMO game that will establish another major franchise. The fact is that Blizzard get used to succeed in the most difficult situations and make money better than EA, Activision and Ubisoft put together, even with the bad games, means that Project Titan game will stay in the top rankings of online games at least for 5 - 10 years after release.


According to the latest rumors Project Titan will have the Earth setting, and the storyline will be based on the myths of Greece, Rome and the Scandinavian countries. Also, the developers are planning to add the time traveling. Speaking about the game’s weapons and atmosphere, there will be a range from firearms, laser weapons and vehicles to magic, runes and mythical creatures. If you have ever played World Of Warcraft  it will be easier for U to adapt to the new MMO because they have similar principles of the worlds’ existence and traditional for Blizzard, graphics.


When asked whether Project Titan would be science fiction, post-apocalyptic, or historical setting, Jeffrey Kaplan laughingly answered, “All of those combined!”. And the WoW Community Manager said about this game:

“We have nothing to advertise for the new MMO because it’s a shell of a game thus far. We’ve already stated it’ll be a brand new franchise, which means the lore, art, and gameplay are being developed entirely from scratch. It’s an overwhelming process, but a process through which we excel. Our track record supports this”. (2012)


Blizzard vice president of game design Rob Pardo said that the game was "in the middle of development" in late 2012. Currently there are about 150 people working on this project and the main focus now is on esports component of the gameplay. Hopefully, Blizzard will show at least Project Titan teaser during the BlizzCon 2013 (8-9 November).

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