New Fable Legends video demonstrates the dynamic illumination in the game

New Fable Legends video demonstrates the dynamic illumination in the game by  4664 views

The developers of the upcoming Fable Legends game don’t rejoice us often with the fresh news of this project, but when they do it, we can be sure that this information is really interesting and exciting.


Thus, yesterday, Lionhead Studios’ employees published the new Fable Legends video, which shows us how incredibly good the game’s lighting system will be. According to the description on the official project’s site, this trailer is shot in the real-time mode, basing on the game’s version, which was demonstrated during E3. And even taking into consideration the fact that it’s not the last version of the project, it should not go unnoticed how beautiful this RPG is already now. And one of the most important and the well-developed elements is the dynamic system of lighting, which is shown in the new Fable Legends video. Here you can see the incredible play of light and shadow, when the sun hides behind the clouds or moves on the horizon, or even you may notice how beautifully the rays of the sun strike through the tree leaves. We have the strong feeling to be there, in the green wildwood, staying under the warm sun rays. But the best way to believe us is to watch the fresh Fable Legends video and then share your opinion about it and the dynamic illumination in the comments below.

We would like to remind you that Fable Legends game will be launched some day exclusively on Xbox One.