Fable Legends beta will begin already this autumn

Fable Legends beta will begin already this autumn by  3304 views

The good news for those who eagerly anticipate Fable Legends! You have got a unique opportunity to try this game before it is released. How can you do it? Everything is very easy. The fact is that, yesterday, Xbox department of Microsoft in France announced the beginning of the subscription to Fable Legends beta in its Twitter account.


Due to the fact that this game will be launched exclusively on Xbox One, it’s not suprising at all  that exactly Microsoft told us about this incredibly important event for the gamers and the franchise’s fans. According to the description on the site, Fable Legends beta will take place on the 16th of October, but the test’s timing is unknown so far.


In order to subscribe to the beta, which will give you the chance to try out the game’s multiplayer and incarnate into Sterling, Rook, Winter or some villain, you should go to this page, click on “Sign up to multiplayer beta” and enter your e-mail address in the appropriate field. After it, you’ll have to wait and hope that the developers will chose you and sent the invitation to the test of this interesting, in our opinion, game.

What do you think about this news? Are you going to take part in Fable Legends beta? We are always glad to read your answers at the bottom of the page.