Fresh Fable Anniversary video hints at project’s PC version

Fresh Fable Anniversary video hints at project’s PC version by  3314 views

The good news for the fans of Fable game series! It seems that the developers of Fable Anniversary will present us the PC version of the project very soon.

Such conclusion can be made from the new Fable Anniversary video, which was published yesterday on the official video channel of Lionhead Studios. Although the teaser lasts a bit more than one minute, it lets us know that the expectations of many gamers, who would like to get Fable Anniversary for PC, will be satisfied very soon. In the fresh Fable Anniversary video, which is published below, we can see lots of requests and demands from the different gamers. All of them ask the developers to launch the PC version of this project. And since the Lionhead Studios’ employees have presented this teaser, we can hope that they will officially announce Fable Anniversary for PC in a couple of days. And what do you think?

We would like to remind you that Fable Anniversary game was announced at the end of 2012, but it was released only at the beginning of February 2014. This RPG was launched on Xbox 360, but, as it seems to us, we will see its PC version quite soon. We suggest you staying with us to be aware of all fresh project’s news and to be the first who will get to know about the official confirmation of the abovementioned information.


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