New F1 2013 details are presented

New F1 2013 details are presented by  4182 views

The release of F1 2013 game - the racing simulator from Codemasters - will take place soon, and therefore, probably, the developers decided to remind us about this important event for them, revealing some new F1 2013 details.

Thus, representatives of Codemasters have shared some fresh information about the weather system in the upcoming F1 2013. According to them, in this year’s Formula 1, compared with the previous instalments of this racing simulator, there will be plenty of new “weather scenarios”. Although most of the companies, involved in the development of racing games, try to avoid such difficult moments, leaving the weather always clear and sunny seeing the complexity of interaction between game’s graphics and gameplay components in difficult climatic conditions, Codemasters acts differently.

Last year, they added a localized weather (i.e. it can rain on a certain part of the track), and this year their weather scenarios are tied to the geographical location of the race and the season. Each scenario will last about four hours, and the chance that the player will have the same weather conditions twice (the game randomly picks a scenario) is incredibly small.

The developers of F1 2013 game have also improved the visual effects associated with the change of weather in the game, so now the driver does not have to feel any disparity between what he sees and what he experiences when driving in the wet road.

So we hope that this innovation will add even more realism in F1 2013 game, which is scheduled to be released on the 4th of October for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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