New F1 2015 game will come out in June

New F1 2015 game will come out in June by  4873 views

This year, the F1 racing simulator series from Codemasters studio will get one more instalment. Thus, yesterday, the developers of the franchise announced the new project. F1 2015 game will come out in June on PC and the current-gen consoles - PS4 and Xbox One.

According to the Codemasters representatives, the vast improvement of graphics and visual effects is the main task during the creation of the next part in the series. F1 2015 game is being developed on the base of a totally new engine, which will help achieve the set goal. Besides, in the upcoming racing simulator, the upgraded physics will be demonstrated. Thus, for example, the behavior of the sports cars on the tracks as well as the engagement of tyres and road will change. All in all, Codemasters will try to do their best in order to make the gameplay absolutely realistic.

Also, a special feature will appear in the console versions of F1 2015 game - the voice control. With help of Kinect on Xbox One and a camera or a special headset on PS4, the players will be able to request the information about tracks, vehicles, weather, competitions, etc.

As for the content, the future project will include not only all racers, routes and cars from the new Formula 1 season but also the ones from the previous year. It will be represented in the forthcoming instalment as bonus DLCs.

And in conclusion, we’d like to show you the debut screenshots of the new F1 2015 game. The published below images demonstrate the track in Mexico.