New Evolve video tells us about Kraken

New Evolve video tells us about Kraken by  3907 views

Turtle Rock Studios has published the new Evolve video, which introduces the players to one of three monsters - Kraken - and also demonstrates the latest gameplay episodes.

In the new Evolve video, one of the studio’s founders - Phil Robb - tells about Kraken and the tactics, which he uses to vanish the hunters. According to Robb, the monster spends most of the time up in the air. And exactly from this place he strikes at his enemies.


The fresh Evolve video also shows us the types of the Kracken’s attack. The main and the most effective monster’s weapon is the lightning strike. It covers the wide territory and causes a lot of damage.

The next type of weapon, which the beast applies to fight against the hunters, is the electric mines. They are very convenient to be used on the ground. So, Kraken leaves the mines on the track or makes a trap for the enemies, placing the bombs around them.

The third type of attack, presented in the new Evolve video, is vortex. With the help of the whirlwind Kraken keeps the hunters at the distance.

And finally, in order to cause the huge damage, the monster uses the destructive aftershock.

Also, the published Evolve video demonstrates one of the upcoming shooter’s maps. In the trailer we can see the area, which includes many caves and hollows, where Kraken can easily hide.

Let us remind you that this project will be launched on PC and next-gen consoles on October 21, 2014.

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