Evolve will get the Observer Mode

Evolve will get the Observer Mode by  2806 views

Turtle Rock studio has decided to bring some updates to the launched almost a month ago shooter. The developers have announced the new Evolve mode for the observers. Primarily, it’s designed for those gamers who like to watch and discuss how the others play, but don’t want to meddle into the battles.

This Evolve mode will be available totally for free to all the players regardless of which platform they use. Having chosen it, they will be able to connect to the current combats as the sixth member, watch and comment, but not influence on the fight process.

The abilities to switch between the characters (including Hunters and Monsters) and rotate camera in order to see the side and behind areas will be the unique features of the project’s new option.

Also, in the upcoming Evolve mode, the vital indicators of the heroes will display. The players will have an opportunity to adjust the amount of the information on the screen, having left only the most important and necessary one.

And finally, the new Evolve mode will have another cool feature - the DaisyCam. It will allow watching the gameplay of Maggie’s faithful pet - Daisy.

In order to find out more details of the shooter’s future innovations and listen to the comments of the developers, watch this video: