New Evolve screenshots show how the character can change

New Evolve screenshots show how the character can change by  2813 views

We haven’t heard anything new about the upcoming Turtle Rock Studios’ project - Evolve - for a long time, but today we are going to rejoice those fans of the co-op first person shooters, who are interested in this game and eagerly anticipate it.

Thus, recently the project’s developers have presented fresh Evolve screenshots and have also told the new information about the game’s characters and its world. But let us tell you everything in order.

First of all, we offer you to pay attention to the new Evolve screenshots, on which you will see the main monster - the Goliath  - and other characters, who are fighting against him. But if you look closer at the pictures below, then you will notice that the Goliath has the different forms there and sometimes only its huge dimensions allow us to understand who he is. The fact of the matter is  that the monster’s appearance, as well as his abilities, will depend on your choice of the one of three skills’ trees, which will define your future strategy. According to the developers, the old skill system hasn’t given such width of choices, that’s why they have implemented the new one, which is based on the skill points. So now the form and the abilities of your monster (or another Evolve character) will completely depend on you and your choice.


Besides it, the executive producer of the project - Denby Grace - has told that the teamwork is very important in the game, because only one Evolve character is able to track the monster, the another one - to catch him, using the differents traps, and other two team members - to kill the monster and to cure the team participants if it’s necessary. That’s why only the cooperative and the well-coordinated work will allow you to defeat the ennemy. Also Grace has announced that each game’s map is unique - there are the different flora and fauna, and you will be able to use various methods to track the monster and to catch him. And that’s why we consider that the game will be interesting. 

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