New DriveClub video is published

New DriveClub video is published by  3925 views

Although the release of DriveClub game - racing simulator from Evolution Studios - has been postponed to the next year and we haven’t heard anything interesting about the game recently, but nevertheless today we have some fresh information about this project.

Thus, yesterday new DriveClub gameplay video appeared in the network. It demonstrates us an improved game’s graphics (in comparison with the latter one in other videos, published earlier). This trailer, which is a compilation of different gameplay mini videos of the project, shows the race on the well-known tracks of Norway and Scotland in a usual view for us - we see everything around us and the race itself from a cockpit. By the way, a quite interesting thing - your car and the cockpit can be buckled on impact with others automobiles, as you can see it on the 15th second of the video. But we won’t torment you anymore with a description of what you will see in the new DriveClub video. Enjoy!

DriveClub game will be launched in early 2014 exclusively for PlayStation 4. 

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