New DOA5 Ultimate trailer shows the hottest fighters

New DOA5 Ultimate trailer shows the hottest fighters by  24221 views

A few weeks ago we showed you beautiful Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate screenshots, on which the fighters from the game are wearing very seducing swimsuits. Today we are going to demonstrate you how these curvaceous girls will be fighting against their dangerous opponents.


Yesterday the developers published new DOA5 Ultimate trailer that features the characters of this game while they are kicking their enemies. But all of them are wearing exactly the same swimsuits and look extremely hot. Moreover, these girls with angelic faces know, how to fight against any opponent, and their combats look very spectacular. But seeing is believing, so no more words - just the new DOA5 Ultimate trailer:

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is a fighting game and a part of the famous game series. This project is going to be released in September, 2013, and to get these beautiful costumes for the game's characters, you need to buy not only the game, but also its DLC.