New details of GTA V on PC are revealed

New details of GTA V on PC are revealed by  4488 views

Following the previous information about the weight of GTA V on PC, some new interesting details about this version of the popular project have appeared online. Thus, yesterday, one of the reddit users published a photo of the upcoming game’s box edition. As it turned out, GTA V on PC will not only require more than 60GB of free space on your computers but also will be located on seven DVD disks. For comparison, the previous part in the series occupied only two disks.


Besides that, some pleasant news from Rockstar studio have been revealed. In one of the interviews, the project’s lead game designer - John Macpherson - has stated that GTA V on PC will get all DLCs and updates along with the console versions of this action-adventure. “We plan to deliver updates to PC and consoles simultaneously. There can be occasional variations in timing based on specifics from one console to another but PC will not be on a separate timetable to other platforms”, - Macpherson has said. Well, it’s good news, isn’t it?

Also, the lead game designer has told about a video editor, which will be included into the project. This section in GTA V on PC will be similar to the one in the previous instalment, but will have more improved and expanded functions. The players will be able to use various filters, adjust the replay speed and the camera angle, add the soundtracks to the videos, etc. The editor will also contain the Director mode, in which the gamers can record their own scenes with any character.


And here’s the information about the mods. Despite the fact that there’s no official editor for them, the developers assume that some advanced players will be able to change the game a bit, using the third-party programs. Well, it’s not restricted, but Macpherson has promised that Rockstar is going to monitor the created mods very carefully and delete those, which influence on the gameplay negatively.

Let us remind you that the version of GTA V on PC will be launched on April 14th. So far, you can pre-load it via Steam or Rockstar Warehouse. Also, you can find the latest screenshots of this game in our FB community.