New details about The Last of Us multiplayer?

New details about The Last of Us multiplayer? by  3694 views

Recently Naughty Dog company, the developer of The Last of Us game, has pleased us with game’s pre-order, the season pass and 3 first DLCs releases. And today, we'll share with you new details about The Last of Us multiplayer.

The information about some details of the game’s multiplayer has been published on the Gamespot forum. So, according to this post, The Last of Us multiplayer will get some Clans that will have become a stronghold for the players’ survival among the infected. To get a thrive clan, you will need to train the participants, to gather various supplies, to look for medicines (which may help you in healing from infection), to free the hostages. The successful implementation of your mission (which includes 3 matches) will be determined by how many players you have attracted in your clan and how much of them you have lost. In addition, you as the player will be given the opportunity to improve your weapons, using a variety of supplies found in the multiplayer, customize the character and even improve the accuracy of the weapon. All events in The Last of Us game (which are random) will take place on large open maps and you will be able to get the access to certain parts of which only if you have the masks from infection.

Although there are no official confirmation or contradiction about this information, we still believe that it’s not groundless. But anyway, we will get the answer for this question in the near future, because The Last of Us release is scheduled for June 14.