New custom jobs in GTA Online were verified

New custom jobs in GTA Online were verified by  21357 views

Deathmatch & Race Creator, which has been implemented in GTA Online this month, gives gamers an ability to make their own competitions. During the last few weeks thousands of new jobs appeared in the network, and last week Rockstar chose the best ones among them.


The verified jobs become available for all GTA Online community, and moreover both Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers can try and enjoy them. We would like to present you the 10 best activities that Rockstar representatives have chosen this time.

Over The Hill II is a brilliant race that takes place in the mountains. Here you will meet lots of extremely difficult and entertaining obstacles together with spectacular views.

Jump and Die is another one extreme race. To win here, you need an armored car, perfect skills and a great luck.

Jumps Jumps Jumps is the third most interesting custom race. Here you will meet many exciting obstacles on the long highway.

Quick 'n Quarrelsome race is for the most skillful drivers. It suggests us an interesting helical circuit.

Drift King race takes place near the docks, where you need to be an expert racer or at least a good swimmer.

LS Forum race was created for motorbikes, however, other vehicles are also acceptable here. This race takes place almost in the sky - on the top of roofs.

Four other jobs are deathmatches. First one - Seal Team - brings you to the airport. Saving Ryan's Privates job requires military training. In Prison Thugz Fight you will be using baseball bats, nightsticks and knives. And Bridge of Death has a beautiful and very dynamic location - fortified bridge with lots of barriers.