New content is coming to GTA Online for free

New content is coming to GTA Online for free by  3626 views

The multiplayer GTA Online becomes more and more interesting thanks to the developers that add new content to it. The next pack with Deathmatch and Race Creators will be released already today, on the 10th of December. Moreover, this add-on is going to be free for all GTA Online gamers.


Deathmatch and Race Creators allow you to make various missions and share them with the community. You will be able to develop your own skirmishes and fights or invite friends to your personal street race. The developers will be reviewing the created missions and will choose the best ones, so using the potential of the Creators, you can gain the fame in the GTA Online community.


The beta version of Deathmatch and Race Creators is expected on the 10th of December, however the developers will inform you about the accurate time on their official site.

Also Rockstar has promised that Capture mode will be released in December. It will allow gamers to create a team and to fight against each other, using various vehicles and weapons of GTA Online. Next year the game will also be expanded with some story DLC and GTA Online Heists. And as we have reported recently, we believe that the first one add-on may be connected with the casino.


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