New characters of the Evolve game have been presented

New characters of the Evolve game have been presented by  4168 views

Turtle Rock Studio - a company-developer of the upcoming shooter - has shared new information about Evolve’s characters, which belong to four different classes. So here they are:

1. Griffin (The Trapper class).


Griffin is a trap master destined to find and neutralize the monster. His main weapon is a harpoon gun. When Griffin hits Goliath with the gun, the beast becomes tied to the catcher by an energetic flow. While Goliath is trapped, the other team players can take a breath and “recharge batteries”.

Except for the harpoon gun, Griffin also has a few assault rifles, special sound spikes, allowing to detect the enemy, and a mobile arena that creates a huge force field, which defends the team and gets monsters into the trap.

2. Hank (The Support class).


Hank’s arsenal includes a shield gun, a powerful laser cutter and a locator, which allows finding the monster’s location. Hank’s mission is to support his team. This Evolve’s character can decrease the level of the Goliath’s damage and increase invulnerability of his allies. Hank also has a power of becoming invisible.

3. Val (The Medic class).


As for Val, she has some differences from the typical member of the Medic class in any other game. She has a lot more types of weapon, which make her an interesting and useful team member. So, Val’s arsenal has:

- Medgun - a gun that fires a healing beam. It provides a slow but continual healing from a distance;

- an anti-materiel rifle. This weapon together with her anatomy knowledges helps Val to find the enemy’s weak spots and to take a toll on the monster;

- a tranquilizer rifle, which slows down the monster’s moves;

- a healing burst that immediately heals her teammates.

4. Markov (The Assault class).


Markov is a storm trooper who has a lot of strong health and many massive weapons like a lightning gun, an assault rifle, a few arc mines and hand grenades, a personal shield for a brief shelter from enemy attacks.

It looks like the upcoming Evolve game is to be a real breakthrough of 2014. We hope that soon there will be at least a short trailer of the Evolve’s gameplay so that fans can check out these all new Evolve’s characters in action.

Let us remind you that the Evolve game is going to be released in autumn of 2014 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Recently the new shooter has become available for pre-order.

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