New Call of Duty: Ghosts videos are presented

New Call of Duty: Ghosts videos are presented by  3030 views

CoD: Ghosts - the game in the genre of first-person shooter - will be released in less than a month, and so the publisher does everything possible to attract more gamer’s attention to it.

This time Activision company has decided to please us with rather peculiar commercials, which, by the way, there are six. These videos are called Call of Duty: Ghosts Time and the people in them tell us how fun to play this shooter and that is almost impossible to think about anything else. Here you will find a dentist and a cleaner, who imagines himself the cool sniper, and you will even visit in the restaurant and at the doctor's office. The surroundings, as you already know, are very different, but the main thing that unites all of these people is their crazy love for CoD: Ghosts game. But we will not detain you more from watching these a bit specific, but hilarious Call of Duty: Ghosts videos. And do not forget, if you have any comments about these ads, or the game itself, you can always leave them at the bottom of the page.

CoD: Ghosts game comes out on November 5 for the current generation of consoles and PC.