New Battlefield 4 screenshots and the launch of Alpha Trial

New Battlefield 4 screenshots and the launch of Alpha Trial by  5622 views

Just today new Battlefield 4 screenshots, which show us a screen of equipments’ customization, have been leaked and the information about the launch of Battlefield 4 alpha trial has been published.

The fact that the players will be able to customize their weapons and equipments has been known for a long time. But no one knew what exactly will change. This mystery was unfolded thanks to the new non-official Battlefield 4 screenshots, which appeared today on NeoGAF. According to them, not only battle tanks and helicopters can be sent into the overhaul, but even the boats that can be equipped now by different deadliest tools and other military weapons. But that's not all - you will have the unique opportunity to mask your technique in Battlefield 4. With 12 camouflage patterns, you can repaint it in different colors, depending on the location of the battle. Isn’t it cool?


In addition to that, Battlefield 4 alpha trial was opened today. Everyone who has received an invitation will be able to play the game for two weeks from 9:00 to 15:00 (PDT). Unfortunately, those who did not receive such an invitation, will not have access to a trial version of the game, since the invitations were sent only once and the game’s developers do not plan to launch another one Battlefield 4 alpha trial. But if you were lucky to be one of those who received this invitation, we wish you success on the battlefields and looking forward to your comments about the game.


And, as always, we do not forget to remind you that Battlefield 4 game will be released October 31, 2013 for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.