New Batman: Arkham Origins trailer is awesome

New Batman: Arkham Origins trailer is awesome by  4944 views

Batman: Arkham Origins is coming in a week, and so the developers have decided to advertise it on TV. Today the brilliant TV spot has appeared on the official game's channel, and we would like to show you this brand-new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer.


The video is rather short, but absolutely awesome. It shows several stages of the Bruce Wayne's life - from the early childhood and to the day he became a legendary superhero. Moreover, each phase of the protagonist's life is shown via only a few frames that demonstrate his face. The day, when the Waynes were killed, the funeral of the boy's parents, the training, training and again the training, the pain, the first successes and finally the face of Batman, who is going to destroy the whole criminal side of his native city. All these short glimpses of the hero's life are shown in less than a minute long Batman: Arkham Origins trailer and will obviously touch you. Let's check?

Meanwhile we'd like to remind you that Batman: Arkham Origins will be released for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U on the 24th of October.