New Batman: Arkham Origins details

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Warner Bros. Montreal, the developer of Batman: Arkham Origins, doesn’t stop delighting us with new information about their upcoming action-adventure. Just last week we informed you that the game got the Season Pass and exclusive PS3 edition, and today we hasten to tell you the latest Batman: Arkham Origins details.

So, for the past two days Warner Bros. Montreal employees reported that Batman: Arkham Origins game would receive a new mode, they uncovered some information about Initiation DLC and showed the project’s gameplay at Eurogamer Expo 2013.

The new Batman: Arkham Origins mode titled "I Am the Night" will be available only to those players who will go through all game’s storyline campaigns and its side missions, which, by the way, last about 12 hours. According to Guillaume Voghel, the producer of the project, this mode will be extremely difficult, because there you will have just one life and you won’t be able to save the game, so you, in order to defeat all the criminals in Gotham City, will have to try hard and do not die.

The producer of Batman: Arkham Origins has also revealed the first details of Initiation DLC, which is included in the Season Pass of this action-adventure. For the first time in the history of Batman game series, our hero (still Bruce Wayne) will not fight in already familiar to us Gotham, but ... in Asian monastery! In the new add-on Bruce will learn a variety of ninja techniques in order to prove to himself and to his great mentor Kirigami - ninja who learned Wayne everything - that he is worthy of his teacher. Initiation DLC will give you the opportunity not only to play Batman: Arkham Origins a little bit longer, but also understand the history of Batman.

In addition, at the annual international Eurogamer Expo, which took place from 26 to 29 September in London, the developers of this project presented its fresh gameplay, which you can watch below. Video lasts about 40 minutes, but be patient, because you'll like what you’ll see.

We remind you that Batman: Arkham Origins game comes less than a month to the current generation of consoles and PC.