New Batman: Arkham Origins character - who is she? (trailer)

New Batman: Arkham Origins character - who is she? (trailer) by  5662 views

Batman: Arkham Origins game, which will be released very soon, promises to be quite an interesting project because of good news that the game's developers have reported to us.

Yesterday at Comic-Con expo Warner Bros. company announced that the game will have another villain - Copperhead and presented a small Batman: Arkham Origins trailer, dedicated to her. A new Batman: Arkham Origins character appeared for the first time in "The New 52" comic book series in 1968 and it was a man dressed as a snake, who used his tail as a weapon. In new Batman instalment this character was reinterpreted and presented as a snake woman, whose main weapon is razor sharp incredibly poisonous claws. As for us, it sounds pretty scary. And if you remember that such anti-heroes as Scarecrow, Bane, Deadshot, Killer Croc and Joker have been already added to the game (and that’s not all villains planned by the developers), then we won’t envy to Batman. But we also can expect that Batman: Arkham Origins game will be even more fun, and you, playing as Batman, will have to work hard to defeat your enemies and complete the required missions. In the meantime, we are recommending you to watch new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer - Copperhead, to know what you will be encountered, fighting against this villain:

We don’t forget to recall you that Batman: Arkham Origins will be launched on October 25 for all platforms.