Need for Speed: Rivals launch trailer was released

Need for Speed: Rivals launch trailer was released by  6598 views

The next instalment of one of the most popular racing games in the world - Need for Speed ​​- will be launched next week, and so it’s time, according to the project’s publisher, to please us with something interesting about upcoming Need for Speed: Rivals.

And this interesting thing is Need for Speed: Rivals launch trailer, which yesterday EA company presented on the official video game channel. A new short video demonstrates the breathtaking race between the cops and the street racers, none of which wants to give up and stop being the lord of the roads. But in addition to a spectacular pursuit shown in the video, we hear a short life’s history of a driver who, despite all his bad actions, does not feel any sense of shame, no remorse and no doubt of his right choice. At the end of the video, as it was expected, we have to make our choice in the game - to become a racer and win back the rights on the roads, or to be on the side of law enforcement officers and to catch the most violent street racers. What choices you will make in this racing simulator, is up to you to decide, we can only advise you to watch Need for Speed: Rivals launch trailer, in order to better imagine what awaits you on each side.

Need for Speed: Rivals game will be released for PC, the current and the next generations of consoles.