Naughty Dog will make The Last of Us movie

Naughty Dog will make The Last of Us movie by  3294 views

The rumours concerning the film’s creation, based on the plot of The Last of Us, which has got a lot of positive comments worldwide and also the BAFTA Award in the “Best Game” nomination, appeared at the end of 2013. However then Naughty Dog didn’t make any comments on such information.

But yesterday Neil Druckmann - the studio’s creative director - officially confirmed the making of The Last of Us movie together with Sony company.

According to Druckmann, The Last of Us movie will show the audience the fully adapted game’s story. It’s still unknown how much time the screening process is going to take and when exactly it will start, but currently the developers discuss the film’s format and the possibilities of porting the events of the action-adventure to The Last of Us movie.

Besides, it was revealed that Sam Raimi - the director of such famous projects like The Evil Dead, the Spider-Man trilogy and Oz the Great and Powerful - wishes to be the producer of The Last of Us movie.

Druckmann has also confirmed the information about the possible game’s sequel, the rumours about which appeared in January 2014, but currently the project is under consideration and nothing more.

So, will The Last of Us movie receive such recognition as the game did? What do you think? Are you excited to see your favorite game on the big screen?