Naughty Dog has launched another The Last of Us DLC

Naughty Dog has launched another The Last of Us DLC by  3139 views

The remastered version of the popular survival horror hit PS4 only a week ago. And Naughty Dog studio has already presented new The Last of Us DLC, which is available for the multiplayer mode of both mentioned above remake and the game’s PS3 version.

For the current moment, this add-on includes only two bundles:

- Grit and Gear (for $6.99) contains six items such as the helmets, the masks and the cowboy hats;


- Gestures (for $2.99) introduces new moves. The players are able to purchase each gesture separately or all three together for the previously mentioned price.


Next week, the developers will add another bundle titled Professional Sports to The Last of Us DLC. It will cost $7.99 and will contain seven new things, including headwear.

According to the information, each of the bundles has one more exclusive item, besides the main content. The gamers can get it only by buying the launched add-on.

Also, at the official PlayStation blog, the Naughty Dog’s community strategist - Eric Monacelli - has stated that in two weeks the fans of the survival horror project must expect another fresh and very big The Last of Us DLC with all new types of weapons and a map. Moreover, during the next couple of weeks before the release, several small bundles with various additional content will be presented.