Metal Gear Solid 5 is going to be more erotic

Metal Gear Solid 5 is going to be more erotic by  22207 views

At the beginning of the week Kojima has announced that the company wants to create more erotic characters to encourage cosplayers and fans. Today the developers have shown a 3D model of the sexiest heroine in Metal Gear Solid 5 - Quiet.

Quiet is a sniper, who wears a bikini and torn tights. The developers wanted to make her very unique, attractive and erotic, but it seems, went a little bit too far. Of course newly created girl looks nice and hot, but the minimalism in her clothing causes not only the excitement, but also perplexity. Well, tastes differ, so look at the new Metal Gear Solid 5 heroine and write your opinion about her in the comments below.



To create extremely sexy character the developers have hired Stefanie Joosten - a Dutch actress and model, who currently works in Japan. If you want to see, how this girl has turned into fictional game's heroine, watch the video below, in which the developers invite us to the backstage and show their everyday work: