Main The Elder Scrolls Online characters will be voiced by the famous Hollywood actors

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It seems like The Elder Scrolls Online game continues to pick up steam while the developers are sharing more interesting information with its fans!

For the past few years the developers of the The Elder Scrolls series created a tradition - to invite different celebrities for voicing the game’s characters. For instance, Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean took part in creation of Oblivion, Michael Hogan and Claudia Christian voiced the characters of Skyrim.

So, after the presentation of the fresh 8-minutes gameplay video, Zenimax Online Studios has shared another stunning news with its fans. A list of famous celebrities, whose voices will be given to The Elder Scrolls Online characters, has appeared online.

The players will see the work of John Cleese (Monty Python, Harry Potter), who plays one of the main heroes named Caldwell, Bill Nighy (Underworld, The Boat That Rocked), whose role is King Emeric, and Kate Beckinsale (Serendipity, Van Helsing) - she is Queen Ayrenn - the leader of the highest elves. The other characters will be voiced by such actors as:

- Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) - Azura;

- Kevin Michael Richardson (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) - Sai Sahan;

- Peter Stormare (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) - Jorunn the Skald King;

- Michael Gambon (The King's Speech, Harry Potter series) - The Prophet;

- Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect) - Lyris Tianborn;

- Alfred Molina (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,The Da Vinci Code) - a sly wizard Abnur Tharn;

- Jim Ward (Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness) - Mannimarco;

- Malcolm McDowell (The Book of Eli) - a Daedric god Molag Bal;

Besides the actors list, The Elder Scrolls Online game has also got another video with the celebrities’ interview, where they’re talking about the The Elder Scrolls Online characters and some specifics of working in video games.

Currently The Elder Scrolls Online game is in a beta-testing process. The long anticipated release is planned for April 2014 for PC and Mac, later the game will be available for Xbox One and PS4.

What are your thoughts about inviting such stars to work on The Elder Scrolls Online game? Will they lead the project to success? Share your opinion in the comments below.