Mafia 3 - Soundtracks and Characters

Mafia 3 - Soundtracks and Characters by  5172 views

Mafia 3 release date approaches, gamers are super excited about this game. 2K Games managed to promulgate the list of soundtracks to Mafia 3 recently, and YouTube users have already made a playlist with all those songs. Here the best one we’ve found, by the way:

All the songs will blend in very well, as the atmosphere in the game is related to the epoch these were created in. Now let’s see what exactly we know about the characters in Mafia 3. The latest character trailer was about the Marcanos: the antagonists’ family, and it’s available here: Mafia 3 - The Marcanos. By the way, did you notice the tagline that follows every Mafia 3 trailer?



So it’s clear that it’s not Lincoln Clay’s relatives who want the revenge. Let’s see who will clash the Marcanos:


First of all, Lincoln Clay. After he’s been betrayed by sly George Marcano (Sal Marcano’s son) and nearly killed he wants the revenge. Trailer: Mafia 3: Lincoln Clay - The Soldier. But he’s not the only man who has enough motivation and ambitions to face the Don who runs the Italian Mafia.


Cassandra - Voodoo Queen - head of Haitian Syndicate, the only person from this family who wants to put Sal Marcano down because of building her own authority in the crime world. Trailer: Mafia 3 - Cassandra - The Voodoo Queen.


Burke - anarchist, well related to police, runs Irish gang. Doesn’t like Vito Scaletta. Trailer: Mafia 3 - Thomas Burke - The Anarchist.


Vito Scaletta - the protagonist from Mafia 2, respected member of the American-Italian mafia. After he’s been saved by Lincoln Clay he decides to help him with The Marcanos. Doesn’t trust Burke. Trailer: Mafia 3 - Vito Scaletta - The Throwback.

Looks like this team is strong enough to reach the goal, although there will definitely be some difficult moments between Vito and Burke, as they don’t like each other. Hope that won’t crash their intentions. I’ve got just one question: what do you need to do to conflict with heads of different gangs?

Mafia 3 will come out on October 7th this year, you can pre-order it here.