Mafia 3: screensohts from a pre-alpha build of the game

Mafia 3: screensohts from a pre-alpha build of the game by  3230 views

Dou you remember this game? No? We’re here to remind you about it. (If you do remember - enjoy fresh screenshots and news)

First of all…

Mafia III comes out for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and the release date is still under the cover of darkness and mystery. One of the known facts is that the release date will be announced in the next financial year. That means that it will be revealed between 1st April 2016 and 31st March 2017. 2017?! That’s too much, don’t you think? Although, a month ago, it was told that Mafia III comes out at the end of summer 2016, so we’ll just carry the hope through these days.

Next one: pre-order

We’d like to share the link, so you could be one of the first happy gamers who will enjoy the game immediately at the release day.

During the GDC conference, Seth Rozen (game designer) spoke about their team’s attempts to create the game that could be a “real world” for your character. That world might react to what you’re doing and what is going on around you. As an example - Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.

The Mafia franchise is known for its immersive sense of time and place, and for presenting compelling stories about life with organized crime. In Mafia III, we are introducing players to an unexpected new anti-hero and an iconic city to explore, all within a hard-boiled drama set during one of the most turbulent years in American history,” - Haden Blackman claims.

New screenshots! Yay!

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