Mad Max: Fury Road film has got its release date (MOVIE)

Mad Max: Fury Road film has got its release date (MOVIE) by  3326 views

Mad Max 4 movie (or Mad Max: Fury Road) has been shooting since 2012, and a lot of us have  a sneaking feeling that the film won’t be released at all. But, thankfully, this masterwork is bound to be shown in our movie theaters.

Thus, yesterday it became known that the post-apocalyptic action Mad Max: Fury Road film would be released on the 15th of May, 2015, which means that this 3D movie will have been shooting for 3 years. It’s long enough for such project, but in this individual case there are lots of troubles in the set of the film related to the change of cast (especially the protagonist), some financial problems, and even the difficulties with the entry to the country, where the shooting should be held. But now, it seems, all these problems are solved, and the stage of the active project’s work has begun, involving both from the actors and the crew.


We would like to remind you that Mad Max 4 movie is directed (as it was in all other films of this franchise) by George Miller, and the cast are presented by Tom Hardy (the protagonist), Charlize Theron (Imperator Furiosa), Nicholas Hoult (Nux), Riley Keough (Capable) and many other less famous actors.

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