Lots of Metal Gear Solid 5 news: the release date, the gameplay video and a special collection

Lots of Metal Gear Solid 5 news: the release date, the gameplay video and a special collection by  2232 views

The upcoming action-adventure with an open world and stealth elements was presented during Tokyo Game Show a few hours ago. The developers revealed lots of Metal Gear Solid 5 news, including a special collection, a gameplay video and even an official but not exact release date.


Let's start from the Metal Gear Solid 5 release date. The developers have finally confirmed that the game will be released in 2015 for PC, current and next generations of consoles. However, there is no exact launch date yet, but we hope that it will be announced soon.

Next exciting Metal Gear Solid 5 news touches a special collection, which the developers teased a few weeks ago. There were many speculations about it, but no one could predict that it is... a clothing line! Yes, at the end of the presentation, the developers showed a collection of clothing, inspired by Metal Gear series. Both men and women will be able to find something for them among the demonstrated suits. Also, a white edition of PlayStation 4, a beautiful figurine of Snake and an MGS-themed phone case were revealed.


And the last piece of Metal Gear Solid 5 news is about a new 20-minute long video. This interesting reel shows an actual gameplay of the upcoming project. Here, you will be able to meet Snake and Quiet, and see the dangerous jungle. The whole video is in Japanese language, but the main idea is still understandable. Thanks IGN for sharing.

UPD: The English version of the video is already available.

And here is another one Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer, in which we meet Quiet:

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