Living in the moonlight - new races in Sims 3

Living in the moonlight - new races in Sims 3 by  5959 views

EA have stated the next addition to all of your favoritegame The Sims 3 called Supernatural! There will be a new city - Moonlight Fallspeople of which reveal their true face only in the light of the moon. Now youhave the ability to create wild werewolves and beautiful fairies, powerfulwizards and malicious witches, vampires and of course zombies!


Eachtype has not only character's own personality traits, but also a variety ofmagical possibilities! Explore the city in search of herbs and artifacts,arrange races on broomsticks, practice magic or potions, turn people intozombies, scare civilians or to throw everything and make a career of the greatprophet - it's all up to you! Also in the game will be able to furnish yourhome in the Gothic style and equipped with a secret room to engage in sorcery.Do not forget to share your achievements in Potions with friends who also playin The Sims 3!


Andthose who pre-order will issue a pleasant surprise - the additional content inthe style of the game Plants vs Zombies! Unique plant gorohostrel fight offfrom your home, not only zombies, but even the bailiff or the police. Also inthe package content has additional costume zombies and costume zombie with anewspaper, bucket hats and road cone for your dark party well, and T-shirt andposter with the logo of Plants vs Zombies!