Korean Counter-Strike gamers can get... a pig

Korean Counter-Strike gamers can get... a pig by  5583 views

Counter-Strike Online 2 - the version of the famous first-person shooter developed especially for Asia - has recently got the new mode, which is called Pig Mode. And to promote this event, the developers have decided to announce a little bit strange (actually, not a little) offer.

Pig Mode adds the red and blue pigs into Counter-Strike Online 2 game, and, according to the newly released trailer, these animals are extremely dangerous. If you want to know, how the pigs’ army changes Counter-Strike, watch the trailer below:

To promote this specific mode, the developers have announced an interesting offer. They will randomly choose five people among the gamers, who have shared the mode's video via the social networks. These persons will be able to get a pig. A real high-quality pig.

Alive 110-kilogram weight swine will be shipped to the houses of the lucky winners. If you are not good in animal breeding, then the developers can cut your prize and send you meat. And for the laziest gamers there is a third option - the barbecued swine will be delivered to your house.


What a pity, we are not in Korea. Do you feel sorry about it?