Just Cause 3 rumors and hints

Just Cause 3 rumors and hints by  5451 views
Rumors that Avalanche Studios working on a "new project" for a long time have been seen over the Internet and the games’ forums released by the company. And yesterday, one of the Avalanche founders, Christopher Sandberg, gave another reason for the rumors by posting some game’s screenshot .


On the picture we can see some unknown person, that look like Indiana Jones, on the motorcycle with a hook in his hand, which throws out the other person at full speed. In all likelihood it is the Just Cause 3, in the development of which players suspects Avalanche for quite a long time.

The fact that the distinctive features of the series Just Cause is the hero’s hook with rope, as well as his unquenchable thirst of dangerous stunts and acrobatic pirouettes. In the picture we see the typical for this hero costume - easy and cool clothes with a lot of extra equipment on it.

We also know that in Just Cause 3 will be full multiplayer mode thanks to the efforts of modders who created the same regime for the second part of the series by themselves. More information you can find the our further publications.