It's time for Payday 2!

It's time for Payday 2! by  6520 views

There are too many games with positive and brave protagonists, but this one is completely different. In this cooperative first-person shooter you will be playing a role of dangerous, cunning and brutal robber who stops at nothing.


Payday 2 game is a sequel to successful Payday: The Heist game that was released in 2011. In Payday 2, just like in the first game, you will have to robber different institutions together with your team. But this time each member of the team will have its own abilities, because the developers added four "classes" of characters. The game's professions and the missions were inspired by certain movies, so here you will be able to feel yourself like a part of cinematic and dramatic movie scene.

Payday 2 release date is scheduled for summer, 2013. There will be Payday 2 game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. And to feel the atmosphere of this future project, you can watch the first Payday 2 trailer that has appeared today: