Incredible GRID 2: Mono Edition has been announced

Incredible GRID 2: Mono Edition has been announced by  8452 views

It is really hard to amaze someone in the industry of video games, but Codemasters today has announced the most insane and expensive special edition for its upcoming GRID 2 game that is really unbelievable.

GRID 2: Mono Edition will cost about $189 000. It comes with not only the copy of the game, but also with, PS3, supercar, a day at the factory of British automobile manufacturer and pretty nice suit for race driver. So, if you buy it, you will feel yourself as a real driver and not only the one who plays racing simulator.


The car that is added into GRID 2: Mono Edition is BAC Mono. It is an ultra-high performance automobile, that features in the game. It speeds up to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds and is created from carbon fibre.

GRID 2: Mono Edition, as you might guess, is the single offering that will come to only one desperate game's fan. Would you like to be this lucky person?