In Quantum Break game you will be able to play as a villain

In Quantum Break game you will be able to play as a villain by  1973 views

In an interview with Game Informer Sam Lake - Remedy Entertainment’s creative director and screenwriter - has shared some new details about the upcoming ambitious action video game - Quantum Break, developed for Xbox One.

Thus, the writer of the project’s developer has told that you can play not only as positive protagonists - Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder, - but also as the game’s antagonist - Paul Serene. The whole plot of the action unfolds around the possibility of time management that all three characters have got after a failed experiment of the latter one, which has ended by the fragmenting of the world. Paul Serin is the most powerful in the time management between all game’s protagonists, and this fact often pushes him to take the wrong and unethical decisions, what makes him the main villain of the project. For the developers of Quantum Break game it was extremely important to create the ability to switch between characters, because playing Paul, you start realizing that the villains aren’t always simple (as well as their actions), they can be as complex and contradictory as any other person. And the main thing that you have to understand is that every bad guy has his own prehistory and personal motives to certain actions.

Besides it Sam Lake has told that all your decisions in Quantum Break game will affect the subsequent course of the game: what enemies you’ll meet and where you’ll find yourself.

“It does affect the tone of what will follow. It will unlock alternate content. The consequences of the choice you make will follow for the rest of the game.” 

And taking into consideration the fact that Quantum Break gameplay moments will alternate with the first season of the series (with the same name), which shows the consequences of your decisions and sometimes the tips for passing the next game’s parts, it seems to us that this project should be very interesting. And what do you think about it?

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