How to create GTA Online race?

How to create GTA Online race? by  5130 views

With Deathmatch and Race Creator, GTA Online gets a perfect tool for making your own missions. To encourage players, Rockstar has decided to tell more about how to create GTA Online race and presented full-fledged guide for gamers. We are ready to share these tips with you.

GTA Online race

So, first you need to decide which GTA Online race you would like to make and share. There are lots of options for the creators. Thus, you can adjust the type of vehicles that may take part in a competition, the time of day and weather, the quantity of rounds and the distance. Also, you have to decide whether your race will be held on the land, on the sea or in the air.

On the second step, you have to set a Trigger – a start point of your race. Then you need to define the finish. Also, your GTA Online race may have several checkpoints, but note that they have to be placed along the route, because otherwise the checkpoint will be set at the end point. And if you have specified that your race has several rounds, be sure that the route forms a loop.

GTA Online race

We are sure that you want to create a perfect and unique GTA Online race, and so, on the next step, you need to place lots of useful and tricky things on the way of the drivers. You can choose among weapons, boosters, health bonuses, springboards and anything else you wish.

As we have already mentioned, you can create three types of GTA Online race – land, sea and air one. Of course, each type has its own options. Thus, some tricky ramps can be set only for land races, while the other ones were created especially for water. Also, while placing checkpoints in air race, you need to consider the height.

The next important phase of race creation is testing. Be sure that everything you have invented is designed properly, check the respawn points. If something goes wrong, you can return to the creation process and make necessary changes.

When everything is ready, publish your hand-made GTA Online race on the Social Club to let other gamers play!