How to create GTA Online missions?

How to create GTA Online missions? by  4166 views

We continue the cycle of articles devoted to the creating of GTA Online missions. A week ago, we published the full guide for those, who want to make the best races in the multiplayer mode of GTA 5, and today would like to present you several tips on how to create Deathmatch.


If you have already tried to create several GTA Online missions, you know that this process starts from Details Menu. Here, you need to set the first, but very important parameters - the quantity of people in both teams, the target number of kills for the winner, the timetable and the period of the day. Also, you need to specify the unique and attractive name for your Deathmatch and define that it will be playable for both Normal and Team modes.

The second stage is one of the most important. You need to set the restrictions on the types of weapon. You can choose the particular guns for all match or allow gamers to use the certain weapon after some period of time. Also, there are some GTA Online missions, in which you can allow all participants to take their arsenal without any limitations.

On the third step, you have to choose a location for your match. It is important, because the decoration may influence on the fight strategy. When the place is chosen, find the spots for the respawn points, in which the participants may get back to life. And a start point is required in many GTA Online missions.

Next, you need to choose the points, in which you will put additional weapons, armor and health bonuses. Also, you can place vehicles, explosives, barriers and even some shelters. By the way, you can place some base points randomly, and after you will be able to change those ones, which are not appropriate. But be sure that everything is really placed correctly, because too many points and items may spoil your GTA Online missions, while the leak of weapons and armor may make the match boring or too difficult.

Moreover, you can test your match, playing against an artificial intelligence. But it is better to test the mission with your friends' help, because the real feedback is always better.

And at the end, we would like to present several short tips about how to create the perfect GTA Online missions:

  1. Check the balance - each team should have the equal opportunities.
  2. The location needs to be compact - it is a skirmish, but not a marathon.
  3. Beware of too many participants, because they will have to wait a lot for the whole team.
  4. Place special items in unusual places - on the roof, for example.
  5. Choose the third person view of the camera, so you will understand how the location looks like from players' perspective.
  6. Adding lots of specific weapons, you don't make the match more interesting. Remember about the first tip - balance is greatly important.

As you see, GTA Online missions are not really difficult to create. If your match is ready, publish it and let other players try.